static1With the advent of computers and internet, there is a drastic change in every field. Internet has given new dimensions to the business. It changed the traditional way of introducing your business by providing websites.

Website is an application medium with set of related web pages containing content such as text, images, video, audio, etc. These websites provide innovative way to introducing any business. It is best advised to have a professional and corporate static website to convey your market presence. It has become an important medium for all kind B2B, B2C & C2C interactions in the business today.

Websites are classified as static & dynamic websites. The Static web sites are created using html & styling is done either with graphics or using CSS styles whereas the dynamic websites are created using various programming languages like ASP,, PHP, JSP, AJAX etc.

Static website is a quick and cheap way of website development. Static websites are not only easy to develop but easily updatable. It can be updated by just making changes in the HTML template of your static website and your page is ready to upload again. It is advantageous for sharing your business information across all over the world on internet in a very interactive way.

Vision IT Consultants is one of the leading static website development companies in India. It has branches in USA, Russia and Hong Kong.

We provide full support from requirement analysis till maintenance service. Our project manager and business manager work closely with our clients to understand the need of clients. They work in collaboration with designers, developers & technical writers to develop and deploy effective & efficient Static website.

We also have a testing team which test rigorously at each stage of development of Static website.

Our Static website designs are ideal for downloading images, audios & videos etc. Our Static websites are user friendly and easily navigable.

We assure you to provide steadfast, economical, interactive websites anywhere in India and abroad.

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